Chief Financial Officer

Hexa Decimal

Hexa Decimal is the Chief Financial Officer for BIO SYN CHEM Corporation.

Decimal joined BIO SYN CHEM Corporation as Employee #2 to help raise capital and get the Company going. Prior to joining BIO SYN CHEM she was the comptroller and chief accountant for Megasaki Corporation where she was designed and built.

Her primary operating systems is Microsoft Excel which has granted her a unique ability to perceive all objects as pivot tables and cell formulas. She is able to calculate π out to 900 billion digits.

Hexa Decimal brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and guidance that has been instrumental in guiding the financial success of BIO SYN CHEM Corp.

She is a full synthetic lifeform, and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her partner, a 2021 Tesla Model X.


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