Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Collins

Michael Collins is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BIO SYN CHEM Corporation, a global synthetic biosciences company with 2019 sales of $118 million.

Collins founded BIO SYN CHEM Corporation to fill a void in the growing android/ synthetic communities around the World; before BIO SYN CHEM there did not exist any mass producer of synthetic semen for the android/ synthetic market!

Prior to BIO SYN CHEM, androids and robots with male genital analogs desiring to incorporate ejaculate into their lovemaking sessions with their biological or synthetic partners had few choices. Most food stuffs would quickly spoil requiring a substantial cleaning. Other analog substitutes were notorious for clogging intricate pumps, tubes, and valves.

Working with biochemical engineers, botanists, and biological material scientists, Collins came up with a synthetic formulated ejaculate created from plant-based glycerol & aloe vera solution along with other natural ingredients to simulate the mass, texture, color, and viscosity of human male ejaculate.

The result, when pumped and expelled through the android’s mechanical phallus, produces a stream of fluid that mimics human ejaculate precisely that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, edible, safe, viscous, and non-conductive.

The initial product was well received by the artificial community, and demand quickly outstripped supply.

Building on the success of their Synthetic Semen, BIO SYN CHEM quickly expanded their product lines to include Synthetic Tears, Synthetic Saliva, and Synthetic Vaginal Lubricant which have all enjoyed great success in the marketplace.

Today, BIO SYN CHEM is working on Synthetic Plasma, Synthetic Erythrocytes, and Synthetic Thrombocytes which will be our first products being specifically developed for the human biological community.

Collins is a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity and leads BIO SYN CHEM’s drive to diversify its global talent. He actively serves as Executive Sponsor of BIO SYN CHEM’s LGBTQIA Affinity Network and is widely recognized for his work supporting LGBT non-discrimination and LGBT+ workplace equality.

He is equally passionate about android and other synthetic lifeform rights and chairs BIO SYN CHEM’s Synthetic Strong Workplace Group with the same passion and drive as his support for his LGBTQIA brothers and sisters.

Every Employee from his Chief Financial Officer, to the new office Temp, knows his door really is “always open” (he has no door on his office) and he expects his employees to bring issues to his attention that have not (or are not) being addressed at lower levels.

Michael Collins is an android that lives with his husband and their two dogs in Atlanta, Georgia.


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