Fellas, we get it. When you’re with your partner and they have you turned-on to the point your BIOS is starting to crash it can be a drag not letting your partner see physical evidence of your release. We felt the same way too, which is why we at BIO SYN CHEM Corp. came up with our Synthetic Semen line of Artificial Ejaculate for synthetics and other artificial beings!

Artificial lifeforms lack a prostate and seminal vesicle for producing natural fluids, so what our creators may have overlooked in giving us, BIO SYN CHEM is here to provide something even better!

Natural Flavor

Our first product was our Natural Flavor Synthetic Semen. Many months were spent to come up with a taste, smell, weight, look, and texture that matched the ejaculate of a 19 year-old human male as close as we possibly could.

Thousands of samples (over 5L) were obtained from hundreds of paid and un-paid volunteers and each emission was carefully analyzed and quantified. Once a baseline was determined our biochemists and material scientists went to work coming up with a formula that would be just as safe for humans as it would be for the android and other artificial lifeforms that may be using our product.

As we perfected our process and our products each was tested thoroughly in-house by our own employees, spouses, and partners before we moved-on to more widespread testing, and almost from the start the positive feedback exceeded all of our expectations.

Natural flavored Synthetic Semen continues to remain our #1 best seller since it is the product that provides the closest human analog. It’s so good in-fact that some customers swear their partners can’t tell the difference!

Now our semen is available in a total of nine different flavors: Natural, Banana, Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry, Chocolate, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Wintergreen. Perfect for any occasion!


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